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Monday, April 9, 2012

Ready, Set, GO!!

Here I am, at the brink of a new experience.  I'm going to try blogging about my favorite things...counted cross stitch, grandkids, cooking and life in general.
I began stitching in 1974 and have run the gamut of things.  I've got so many finished projects that it's hard to believe I have stitched them all.  I promise I will get pictures taken and posted in the very near future.  It all started with a Pansy Pillow kit that I was bought at a small shop in Bennington, Vermont....sadly the shop is long gone.  I was so excited to see those pansies grow as I stitched.  I brought them with me on a vacation to Florida and shared them with my very crafty Aunt who took a look and said she could never do that.  However, it wasn't long before she was stitching even more than I was....the benefit of being retired was on her side.  I worked full time and had a spouse who did not like having my attention diverted to stitching....but I did keep on stitching and was fully supported by the women I worked with who were also stitchers (they taught me).  Counted Cross Stitch is my passion and my stash has grown accordingly.